Bishop’s Appeal


The Bishop’s Appeal: A Tradition of Generosity and Care

The Bishop’s Appeal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany was envisioned 61 years ago by the Most Reverend
William A. Scully, Bishop of Albany to financially support the growing services and ministries of the Church.

Ever since, thousands of people across the fourteen counties of our Diocese have come together each year to
generously empower their parish’s contribution to support the work of the Church to help those in need and to keep
our Catholic faith alive and flourishing in our homes, schools and communities.

Today the mission of the Bishop’s Appeal remains the same as it was when it began, to financially empower the
Church to serve all the people of God, regardless of belief. What is different today is that the needs are greater than
ever before.

Among those who benefit from your gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal include:
People who are homeless, living in despair, physically or emotionally challenged
Senior citizens in their final years needing care, companionship, love and dignity
Young people in Catholic schools and religious education programs
Men and women called to a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life
Families whose lives have been wracked by poverty, domestic violence and substance abuse
Young mothers who need help raising their children and finding a job
Those seeking to serve in the diaconate or as lay ministers
Those of us who are seemingly at the end of their rope

The Bishop’s Appeal also serves to assist your local parish by providing support services such as technical support,
financial guidance, and training individuals for parish ministry.

A parish may keep 50% of any amount raised above and beyond its appeal goal.

A dollar back in 1955 is worth $8.46 today. The cost of building the Kingdom of God has grown proportionately
over the decades. Every gift to the Bishop’s Appeal no matter the amount makes a difference in the lives of others.

There are approximately 100,000 households in the Diocese of Albany. If 65% of those households or 65,000 gave
last year’s average gift of $200, we would be able to raise $13,000,000 to support the work of the Church. In reality
about 31,000 households make a gift to the Bishop’s Appeal.

Imagine how many people in need could be helped if every Catholic
household made a gift continuing the tradition of generosity and care begun by our forbearers in faith.

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