Electronic Giving

To get started, simply complete an authorization form that is available at the Newcomer’s Table in Holy Family Hall or at the Parish Center at 45 MacArthur Drive, or you can download a from here.

Questions?  Please contact Debbie Griffith at the Parish Office (346-2316) or email: dgriffith@albany.twcbc.com

Some frequently asked questions regarding electronic giving:

1) Do I need a computer in order to participate?

No – you do not need to have access to a computer in order to have automatic withdrawal.

2) Does the withdrawal have to be made from a checking account?

You may decide to have the withdrawal from a checking or a savings account (indicate your choice when
completing the authorization form).

3) What day of the month will the withdrawal be made?

We are running one batch each month on the 1st of the month.

4) Do I incur any fee for this program?

Check with your bank.  We do not “charge” you anything for this program (we incur fees at our end), but check with your bank to be sure they do not charge you any fees (most banks do not).

5)   What if I do not have enough funds in my account for the withdrawal?

As with the deposit of a check, there is a fee incurred for “insufficient funds”.  The fee charged by our bank will apply ~ $35.60)

6) What if I change my mind after I start the program?

If you decide to discontinue with the program or wish to change the amount of withdrawal, simply notify St. Joseph’s in writing of your change.

7) Who has access to my banking information?

All information entered on the computer is password protected and only those authorized can access this information.  The bank also has firewall technology to prevent unauthorized access.  St. Joseph’s does not disclose this information to anyone other than First National Bank of Scotia (our banking institution).

8) Can I give to second collections and/or holy days through this program?

At this time, all withdrawals are for Weekly Offertory only.  You may use envelopes that are provided for any other special collections which will be credited to your contribution record.

If you still have additional questions regarding this program, please contact Debbie at the
Parish Office.